Friday, December 18, 2009

Natural Cure For Gum Disease Pyorrhea or Gingivitis

Pyorrhea is a serious gum disease. If it is not treated well, this will cause losing all your teeth.

Gum disease is common in people with poor oral hygiene. Pyorrhea and Gingivitis is associated with bad breath or halitosis. The gums are inflamed with pus and easily bled at the slightest stroke of tooth brushing.

However, you gum disease or pyorrhea can be remedied by lemon juice. It does not shrink the gums but rather brings them back to its normal condition. Lemon juice is a great remedy for any gum disease and even halitosis.

Take the following steps to cure gum disease and to get it back to normal condition. Roll a lemon soft, cut it crosswise, squeeze part of the juice out, and cut lengthwise into little strips one-half an inch wide. These will come to a point at the end. Put one of these strips into your mouth, your finger on it, and use like a brush; rub gently back and forth across the gum.

Use several of the strips for one cleansing. This is the cleanest and most antiseptic brush you can get. Take a mouthful of the juice, rinse the oral cavity with it to help get your gum hardened. You may dilute the rest of your pressed-out juice with some water and drink. There is a great deal of uric acid in your system making your condition even serious, and for this, eat 100 percent natural foods. Try a little horseradish once a day because it is a good antiseptic, a tablespoonful at evening with a few flaked peanuts.

Take Epsom salt bath at least once a week. The purpose is for opening the pores so that the salts will be able to draw out the poisons from your body. Remember to keep the water at blood heat and to rub off the slime from your body at the end of every ten minute immersion, the bath consisting of as many of these periods as is needed to cleanse your blood for the time being. A cold plunge at the conclusion of the whole is stimulating.

It is good to avoid using toothpaste while undergoing treatment. These toothpastes are composed of astringent chemicals which are not in the furthest sense natural product. These chemicals will just find their ways, in part, to alimentary canal and to the bloodstream.

Sometimes when these artificial preparations are used, the bleeding of the gum stop and you think you are already cured. But the effect is always temporary, sooner or later your gum disease will go back more active than ever when the immediate effect of the drug has passed off.

In this case, you will again engage yourself in treating your gum problems because it goes back, and the effect may cause you to feel alone if left untreated. People will keep distance from you because of your halitosis. Do you like this? Natural treatment is still the best option you can find to save your teeth. No one can underestimate the effect of natural laws.

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